Right 5 explanation why electric powered mountain bikes basically make high-quality commuter bikes

electric powered mountain bikes are continually designed for winding round dust paths and mountain climbing steep mountain trails. and that they’re amazing at that, however they can do so plenty greater. That they could make perfect commuter bikes too, and infrequently operate better than your standard comfort or metropolis bikes.

listed below are my desirable 5 reasons why.

comfort is king in e-bike commuting

the first intent I choose electric mountain bikes for commuting is that they're with ease more at ease than most inflexible-frame city e-bikes.

Even e-bikes with front suspension can’t evaluate to a correctly tuned full suspension electric powered bike.

There’s a reason cars and bikes have suspension: It’s more at ease! (The other rationale they've suspension is that it improves managing, notwithstanding that isn’t fairly as vital for your standard bicycle lane trip at casual speeds.)

i like being in a position to hop a curb or roll appropriate over a disadvantage devoid of feeling the shock in my wrists, ankles, or rear.

There’s without difficulty no substitute for a pleasant, comfortable journey on a full suspension e-bike. really, full suspension rides so quality at streetlevel that we’re beginning to see more commuter e-bikes borrowing mountain bike-inspired full suspension setups.

try the video above to peer this article in video kind

electric powered mountain bikes commonly have more vigor

as a result of the stressful class of driving that electric powered mountain bikes are designed for, they are often built with higher-power motors.

And if you’ve study my work before, you know I have a taste for energy!


m2s m600 all terrain FS electric bike

a powerful Bafang M600 mid-drive

bound, a 250W e-bike is quality for informal using, I’ve spent my fair proportion of time on them.

but I also love effective electric powered mountain bikes, or even twin-motor electric mountain bikes. The extra vigor is amazing for in the event you need to squirt out ahead of a vehicle or otherwise get yourself out of a sticky situation at once. And just like how most household sedans can attain 100 mph (a hundred and sixty km/h) but don’t do it often, having further energy in an e-bike doesn’t mean you should use — it just skill it’s there if you would like it.

better-quality batteries

This isn’t a tough-and-fast rule, however commonly speakme, electric mountain bikes are constantly constructed round better-nice battery packs.

The reason behind here is that bigger vigour motors and driving over hillier terrain both draw much bigger existing from the battery. And for those who draw extra current from the battery, you need higher-high-quality battery cells to stay away from the voltage from sagging too low and inflicting the battery to shut off.


super monarch ebike

Some electric mountain bikes even have two batteries!

They commonly have larger-ability batteries to assist riders go additional, even while doing battery-draining hill-hiking rides.

And given that that the battery is always the one most expensive part of an e-bike, I’ll gladly take the most effective-nice battery that i will get. higher-fine battery cells remaining longer and wear down slower, meaning extra years of decent driving from your bike.

electric powered mountain bikes are greater powerful

everything about most full suspension electric mountains is continually plenty larger best than normal commuter bikes.

I say “constantly” because there are nevertheless low-priced electric mountain bikes accessible that use low-cost add-ons.

however for the most part, decent-nice full-suspension electric powered mountain bikes also come with greater strong accessories together with more desirable frames, chains, pedals, cranks, bearings, saddles, and even paint jobs.


The type of using that electric powered mountain bikes are designed for ability that manufacturers always can’t spec the same lazy Sunday experience class of accessories. instead, larger-satisfactory materials are used to face up to the damage and tear of mountain bike riding.

while more affordable components can be first-rate for commuter bikes in the beginning, they’ll wear out quicker (frequently appropriate after the assurance has expired) and aren’t designed to face up to the look at various of time. but the usage of larger-excellent mountain bike accessories for lighter-duty commuting skill your bike will ultimate longer and perform superior.

less complicated driving when commuting

The fifth and final intent I prefer electric mountain bikes for commuting is because they're without problems less difficult to experience and require much less effort.

It’s not that I don’t savour exercise — quite, I simply don’t want to arrive at work or the bar sweating. I believe a healthy lifestyle is vital, and so I run 5 miles a day to dwell fit. however after I hop on my e-bikes, it’s constantly because I need to get somewhere. I in most cases use e-bikes as a commuter car; they are a motor vehicle substitute for me. And once I’m on my car, I need to get where I’m going as at once and simply as i can.


specialized turbo levo SL ebike

thus, overbuilt and overpowered electric powered mountain bikes are excellent for my class of commuting needs.

but what are the downsides?

As much as i like electric mountain bikes for commuting, issues aren’t all rosy. There are nevertheless some downsides.

firstly, electric mountain bikes are heavier. more suitable motors, beefier frames, suspension components, greater batteries, and better-first-class components can frequently add extra weight. So if deciding on up your bike to go upstairs on the conclusion of your shuttle is a necessity, this is usually a deal breaker.


Jeep e-bike

Even Jeep has a brand new full suspension electric bike coming…

electric mountain bikes are often more expensive (even though there are very expensive non-suspension commuter bikes as well). if you’re trying to find a price range-level commuter, you’re seemingly going to wish to stay away from full-suspension electric mountain bikes considering the fact that they could can charge a good looking penny.

lastly, the entire suspension of electric powered mountain bikes can soak up a few of your pedaling power, making them much less efficient on flat ground in case you’re doing a lot of pedaling. happily the electrical help of e-MTBs can make amends for this, however’s nonetheless price noting.

All in all even though, the advantages outweigh the downsides for me. That’s why i love commuting on electric powered mountain bikes as a substitute of normal commuter bikes.

however what do you feel? let us know your concepts in the comments under!

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